Paweł Lewandowski


vcard +48 22 557 76 40
  • Attorney ad litem in numerous litigation and arbitration proceedings, including disputes over construction works.
  • Author of many appeals to the Supreme Court.
  • He is an attorney ad litem to companies in administrative proceedings, including those in administrative courts.
  • Provides consulting to numerous firms on company law, M&A, especially in the energy, construction, insurance and utilities sectors.
  • Currently working for a PhD in international civil proceedings and is co-operating with the Civil Law Codification Committee.
  • Author of many publications on civil proceedings.
  • Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw.

verbundene Artikel

Arbitration Agreement

Veröffentlichung | 30.08.2011

It is understandable that the power of an arbitral tribunal to resolve disputes must result from the intention of the parties. In this respect Polish Code of Civil Procedure follows general global rules.


Class Action

Veröffentlichung | 26.08.2010

The law on class action is one of this year’s most important legislative changes. It is unquestionably a step towards improving the efficiency of court proceedings and facilitating access to courts for people who cannot afford to start a lawsuit by themselves.


Neue Partner in unserer Kanzlei

Neuigkeit | 01.01.2008

Es ist uns eine Freude, mitteilen zu dürfen, dass Domański Zakrzewski Palinka am 1. Januar d.J. 7 Juristen, die seit Jahren mit unserer Kanzlei verbunden sind, als neue Partner aufgenommen hat.