Zofia Bielecka


+48 22 557 76 11     zofia.bielecka@dzp.pl
  • Handles capital market regulatory issues.
  • Advises companies and financial institutions on licensing issues, meeting reporting requirements and matters related to issuing financial instruments.
  • Represents clients in proceedings in front of the Financial Supervision Authority.
  • Specialises in issues related to the functioning of investment funds.
  • Actively participated in legislative work on drawing up and enacting the first Act on the Public Trading in Securities, the Act on Investment Funds and the Commodities Act.
  • Co-author and person responsible for all the regulations on the functioning of the capital market in terms of both primary and secondary legislation.
  • Former member of the Council of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Deputy Chairman of the Stock Exchange Commission.
  • Co-author of numerous publications on the capital market in Poland, including a book entitled Papiery dłużne. Zagadnienia praktyczne [Debentures. Practical Issues].