Jan Pachocki

Senior Associate

48 22 557 76 60     Jan.Pachocki@dzp.pl
  • Specialises in legal advice to pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and treatment centres, with special focus on relations with the National Health Fund and healthcare service computerisation issues.
  • Advises on issues relating to the healthcare system, including the financing of healthcare services, the creation and restructuring of treatment entities, telemedicine and other issues as regards innovation.
  • One of the initiators and coordinator of the Telemedicine Foundation Working Group, a sector organisation of leading entities involved in telemedicine and e-health.
  • Has been involved in preparing an application for the Supreme Medical Council to the Constitutional Tribunal (concerning the oncology package) and a comprehensive regulatory report assessing the oncology package and the rail package in order to improve the solutions proposed.
  • He is playing an active part with the NeuroPositive Foundation, the Healthcare Management Institute and the European Brain Council in preparing the Brain Plan.
  • Member of the working group of the Dostępność Plus dla Zdrowia committee, whose aim is to develop standards for availability at medical centres.
  • Member of the Warsaw Bar Association of Attorneys-at-law.