Michał Tracz

Senior Associate

+48 22 557 94 28     Michal.Tracz@dzp.pl
  • Deals with matters related to pharmacy operations, legal assessment of marketing activities in the healthcare sector, compliance and regulations on placing medicinal and cosmetic products on the market.
  • Advises clients in disputes with inspection authorities, especially sanitary, pharmaceutical, and agri-food product commercial quality inspection authorities.
  • Specialises in food law, particularly in regulations on FSMP and dietary supplements (labelling, advertising, placing on the market, novel food, and borderline products).
  • Advised an employers’ organisation on rules for amending its statutes and has also been involved in day-to-day legal assistance with the functioning of statutory bodies, including the disciplinary court.

artículos asociados

Seminario: "Los cosméticos polacos conquistan el mercado español"

Conferencia | 06.03.2019

En colaboración con la Cámara de Comercio Polaco – Española, la Agencia Polaca de Inversiones y Comercio (PAIH S.A.) y el bufete de abogados Cuatrecasas, organizamos un seminario gratuito dirigido a los fabricantes polacos de cosméticos, interesados en exportar a España.

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New regulations will aff ect the relationship between manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products

Publicacion | 13.03.2013

There are less than six months until the introduction of several new legal requirements for both manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products.

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