Salwador Milczanowski


+ 48 71 712 47 09
  • Specialises in the area of compliance and issues relating to the personal liability of management, particularly from the perspective of criminal and tax crime law.
  • He handles projects involving the prevention of internal fraud and corrupt practices and tools for cooperating with whistleblowers, business risk assessment and management, internal accountability and other compliance issues.
  • He implements anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing (AML /CFT) requirements in non-financial institutions, and conducts internal audits, investigations and preliminary investigations.
  • Has many years' experience in providing comprehensive legal advice to large manufacturing companies operating in special economic zones, e.g. leaders in the automotive, chemical, energy and commercial sectors.
  • Speaker at numerous conferences on compliance and criminal and tax crime liability.
  • Author of numerous publications.
  • Completed the Approved Compliance Officer (ACO) course organised by the Compliance Institute.
  • Member of the Wrocław Bar Association of Advocates



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  • Un nuevo Counsel en el equipo de compliance

    Actualidad | 01.07.2020

    Con fecha 1 de julio de 2020, al equipo de compliance de DZP se ha incorporado como Counsel Salwador Milczanowski. Es especialista en materia de compliance y en cuestiones relacionadas con la responsabilidad personal de los administradores, en particular desde la perspectiva del derecho penal y fiscal penal.

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