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Alternative Legal IT Hangout


Marek Laskowski

On 2 December 2020 at 1-2 pm GMT we invite you to join Alternative Legal IT Hangout #9.

During the event the speakers will tackle the following issues:

  • It’s not just work from home, not just work from office, but work from anywhere (WFA).
  • Are you ready to meet the people / client and tech / operational challenges of WFA?
  • What implications will WFA have on equipment provision? IT budgets? Data security?
  • How will WFA impact our contact with our people? Will what they expect from us change? Or what we expect from them? 
  • How will WFA impact client services? Business development?

Marek Laskowski, Director of IT Department, is one of the experts invited to share their experiences with conference attendees. 

More information on the speakers, the schedule and registration details can be found on the organizer website




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