Was macht mein rechtlicher Partner?


Chambers Europe empfiehlt DZP und unsere Experten in 16 Kategorien


Vor Kurzem ist der erweiterte, d.h. der europäische Teil der Rangliste von Chambers and Partners veröffentlicht worden. Europe Guide gilt als Ergänzung der im März veröffentlichten Ergebnisse von Global Guide, wo sowohl die DZP selbst als auch die einzelnen DZP-Rechtsanwälte erneut ausgezeichnet wurden.


Wir wurden in den nachfolgenden Kategorien empfohlen:


  • Life sciences - Marcin Matczak, Michał Czarnuch, Tomasz Kaczyński und Patryk Turzański
    [Very pragmatic, clear and understandable.
    If we have a problem with very important topics, such as reimbursement, we contact DZP to guarantee that things are prepared to a high level, ready for discussion with the authorities.]

  • Projects & Infrastructure - Katarzyna Kuźma und Magdalena Zabłocka
    [The firm always tries to understand the business side of things and offers commercial and practical solutions.]

  • Public Procurement - Wojciech Hartung, Katarzyna Kuźma und Tomasz Michalczyk
    [The lawyers are very rational and focused on the daily co-operation and recovering from complex solutions. They have a desire to solve problems." "A recognisable team, valued by customers.]


  • Tax - Artur Nowak und Joanna Wierzejska
    [The team provides fast and clear advice. The answers were very detailed and the lawyers were approachable.]


  • Construction
    [The firm is very good for acquisitions of land plots and due diligence.]
  • Energy & Natural Resources - Paweł Grzejszczak
    [The firm has a sizeable practice and experience with energy law.
    The lawyers are very good at their work and really know the energy market.

  • Environment - Daniel Chojnacki
    [The lawyers are extremely knowledgeable, not only in areas regarding legislative matters but also in how to interpret those provisions.
    The team is punctual, professional and objective.]


  • Capital markets - Andrzej Foltyn
    [It's a good team, working with big clients and visible on the market.]
  • Real Estate - Lech Żyżylewski und Tomasz Darowski
    [Domestic firm with substantial expertise in real estate and construction law.]
  • TMT - Wojciech Dziomdziora
    [The lawyers have a good understanding of the regulatory side and telecommunications.]
  • Employment - Bogusław Kapłon
    [Acclaimed firm with a solid employment practice. Prides itself on its ability to provide advice on the full range of employment matters, including trade union issues, internal HR regulation and salaries.]
  • Private equity
    [A good and recognised Polish law firm.]

Die vollständige Rangliste für DZP entnehmen Sie bitte der Webseite des Herausgebers: http://www.chambersandpartners.com/europe/