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El Área Fiscal, premiada por ITR


El Área Fiscal de DZP ha sido distinguida y recomendada por la prestigiosa publicación International Tax Review. En el nuevo ranking World Tax 2012, nuestro equipo se ha clasificado en el segundo lugar junto a compañías como Accreo Taxand, MDDP y Salans. 

El Departamento Fiscal se creó en DZP en el año 2010 y ahora es uno de los equipos fiscales más grandes entre los despachos de abogados en Polonia.

International Tax Review: "The firm's clients include domestic companies and multinationals, such as BRE Bank, Nycomed Pharma, Philip Morris and Inter Yeast. The firm formerly focused on corporate support work, but since the arrival of the new heads of department in 2010 it has developed its stand-alone tax practice. It is now strong in both M&A and in tax controversy matters, which have been common topics in Poland this year.
A particularly notable example of their M&A expertise was the coordination of a public/private joint venture between the Warsaw City Office and private investors. The firm created a tax efficient structure for the joint venture company to redevelop the city's public transport systems. Particular attention was paid to the VAT treatment the investments would receive, as it was essential to structure the joint venture to make it an attractive prospect for private investors. The majority of litigation it has handled for clients has concerned either VAT or excise charges, matters that Nowak, in particular, is very capable of dealing with. One such example was the work done for Inter Yeast. With the firm's help, the company successfully appealed the tax authorities' assessment of their VAT liability by illustrating that they had incorrectly classified the relevant goods and their status for VAT purposes.