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Centro de Prensa de DZP.

  • "Wind energy in Poland" report

    31.10.2011 The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the DZP law firm and the firm TPA Horwath have the pleasure of presenting a report on the subject of wind energy in Poland.

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  • International Licensing - Poland

    10.10.2011 The licensor uses a licence to grant the right to use that intellectual property to a third person. The licensee does't become the owner or holder of the right but merely acquires the right to use the intellectual property under the terms of the licence.

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  • Hewitt on Joint Ventures - Poland

    30.09.2011 This material is an extract first provided to Sweet & Maxwell for publication in "Hewitt on Joint Ventures" (5th edition, 2011) and is reproduced by agreement with the publishers.

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  • Investment Treaty Arbitration

    30.08.2011 Significant changes in the area of international arbitration concerning the protection of foreign investments which have taken place during the last 30−40 years have influenced arbitration in Poland.

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  • Arbitration Agreement

    30.08.2011 It is understandable that the power of an arbitral tribunal to resolve disputes must result from the intention of the parties. In this respect Polish Code of Civil Procedure follows general global rules.

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