Dr Anna Partyka-Opiela


"If you think compliance is expensive – try non-compliance."

vcard +48 661 363 505     anna.partyka-opiela@dzp.pl
  • Doctor of law and head of DZP's compliance team.
  • Provides day-to-day advice on prevention of corruption and compliance, with special focus on transparency of internal and external processes, corporate governance, communication, and reconstruction and optimisation of systems and enterprises.
  • Has experience in internal audits, litigation, compliance and investigative audits, and fraud and abuse risk management projects.
  • Has supervised numerous projects to analyse and improve processes and procedures, prevent internal fraud, conflicts of interests and corrupt activities, particularly in regulated sectors such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
  • Has many years’ experience as an in-house lawyer, handling matters involving ethics, prevention of corruption and compliance, and participation in restructuring and integration processes, including integration and construction of a combined compliance system (national regulations, FCPA, Bribery Act, public procurement).

artículos asociados

¿Qué significa la nueva ley de transparencia de la actividad pública para las empresas?

Newsletter | 08.01.2018

El borrador de la Ley obliga a todas las empresas grandes y medianas, a implementar y aplicar procedimientos internos anticorrupción eficaces.

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Report "Countering corruption and fraud"

Publicacion | 06.09.2017

We are a content partner of the "Countering corruption and fraud. System-based protection of whistleblowers" report prepared by Global Compact and Partners of the "Ethics Standard in Poland" Program.

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Compliance – de modo más complejo

Actualidad | 13.02.2015

Nos complace informarles de que hemos puesto en marcha una subpágina especial dedicada a compliance, una cuestión que sin duda cada día cobra más importancia es.dzp.pl/compliance.

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