Dr Bartosz Marcinkowski


"To dare is to do."

vcard +48 22 557 76 14     bartosz.marcinkowski@dzp.pl
  • Specializes in company law and M&A.
  • Has run a number of complex M&A negotiations.
  • Adviser to numerous leading Polish and foreign companies on legal aspects of their operations and on the restructuring of capital groups.
  • Actively develops and maintains foreign contacts. Focuses mostly on the UK and Scandinavia. Frequently visits London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo which resulted in unique, deep and trusted relations with investors (including PE and VC), bankers, lawyers and advisers operating there.
  • Adviser on foreign investments in Poland, including greenfield investments.
  • Specialist in personal data protection, including international advisory in this field. He is also a doctor of law in this field.
  • Has advised, inter alia, on the process to introduce electronic signatures in Poland.
  • Has authored publications and lectured at many conferences and seminars about doing business in Poland (lectured among others in UK, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, USA and Canada). Published articles in USA, Germany and Austria). 
  • Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw.

artículos asociados

Can US provide a higher standard of data protection than EU?

Publicacion | 24.05.2017

The view established in EU Member States assumes that the level of personal data protection in EU Member States (and the EU as such) is much higher than that provided by the US legal system.

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Polish companies are willing and able to buy foreign companies

Publicacion | 06.07.2016

Poland’s market economy has been developing rapidly over the last 30 years. Many Polish entrepreneurs have developed their businesses to grow from small initiatives to impressive sizes.

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Desayuno en la Asociación Empresarial Eólica en Madrid

Conferencia | 16.10.2015

El próximo 16 de octubre, junto con la Asociación Empresarial Eólica, les invitamos al desayuno de trabajo titulado "El sector eólico en Polonia. El camino hacia una regulación estable".

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Access to data protection remedies in EU Member States

Publicacion | 05.01.2014

Technological advances make it ever more important to safeguard the right to personal data, which is enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

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Data Privacy - A critical issue for business organisations

Publicacion | 01.12.2013

Data Protection has been gaining importance amongst the several fields of legislation that have an impact on the core activities of any kind of business and corporation.

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In Search of a Transatlantic Data Protection Standard

Publicacion | 15.06.2013

In this Article, I will examine a phenomenon that I refer to as the privacy paradox (or paradoxes, as I identify several of them). This phenomenon appears in the Euro-Atlantic discussion on privacy and personal data protection.

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An incident or a sign of the times?

Publicacion | 14.03.2013

The latest reports about a data “leak” of some sixteen million land and mortgage register records raised some justified concerns and evoked a response from wide circles.

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"Wind energy in Poland" report

Publicacion | 31.10.2011

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the DZP law firm and the firm TPA Horwath have the pleasure of presenting a report on the subject of wind energy in Poland.

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Posibilidades de inversión en el sector de las energías renovables

Conferencia | 25.11.2009

El 25 de noviembre durante la Feria de Energía Egética-Expoenergética en Valencia se celebró la conferencia "Posibilidades de inversión en el sector de la energía renovable en Polonia".

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Nuevos socios de Domański Zakrzewski Palinka

Actualidad | 01.01.2008

Nos complace anunciarles que ha sido nombrados siete nuevos socios en el despacho. Los nuevos socios han trabajado en DZP desde hace años, y forman parte de un equipo de más de 140 abogados con 19 socios.

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