Dr Tomasz Zalasiński


"Mutual trust is the key element in legal advice."

vcard +48 22 557 76 22     tomasz.zalasinski@dzp.pl
  • Advises companies in regulated sectors (pharmaceutical and foodstuffs, insurance, energy, fuel and alcohol) on their obligations under public commercial law.
  • Advises chambers of commerce, sector associations, employers’ unions and professional organisations during public consultations on normative acts.
  • Advises the public administration, especially local government units, and also healthcare institutions on meeting their public obligations.
  • Author of numerous legal opinions on whether applicable laws and bills comply with the Polish Constitution and on a range of constitutional appeals and applications to the Constitutional Tribunal.
  • Author of numerous publications on constitutional law and legislation.
  • Co-Chairman of the Committee of Experts on Health at the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • Member of the Management Board of the Prof. Zbigniew Hołdy Association.
  • Member of the Team of Legal Experts at the Batory Foundation.
  • Member of the Citizens’ Legislative Forum at the S. Batory Foundation, the Polish Association of Constitutional Law and the Tygodnik Polityka Scholars Association.
  • Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw.


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Tomasz Zalasiński nombrado el copresidente de la Comisión de Expertos dedicada a las cuestiones de Sanidad

Actualidad | 05.10.2016

El Defensor del Pueblo, dr Adam Bodnar, creó la Comisión de Expertos dedicada a las cuestiones de Sanidad e invitó a participar en sus trabajos a médicos y especialistas que se dediquen a la temática del funcionamiento del sistema de protección de la salud. Dr Tomasz Zalasiński, Counsel en el Área Life Sciences en nuestro despacho, fue nombrado el copresidente de la Comisión.

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