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Pro Bono

At present, our pro bono activities include the following:

  • we represented a mother of a boy suffering from muscular dystrophy in the appeal against the Minister of Health’s decision to refuse reimbursement for medicine - the hope for a boy is a targeted import procedure, which can be used to import medicines unavailable in Poland - the judgment passed on 9 February 2016 by the VAC in Warsaw could lead to a change favourable for patients in how reimbursement regulations are interpreted
  • we provide legal support to the Ex Animo Foundation, which donated PLN 500 thousand to the Children’s Memorial Health Institute to implement an IT system to aid the work of the Central Cytostatic Drug Laboratory
  • we are providing legal support for the Simply Active (Zwyczajnie Aktywni) campaign (a competition for an organisation of patients with autoimmune inflammatory diseases) by drawing up the Competition Rules and Form and carrying out a legal analysis of the final submissions and the Capital Competition verdict documentation

  • we assisted during the establishment of the St. Antony’s Oxford Noble Foundation and participated in work on regulating the legal relations between the Foundation, the funding entities and St. Antony’s College

  • since February 2010, DZP attorneys-at-law have been participating in “legal Tuesdays”, an activity undertaken in conjunction with the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw to provide legal assistance to persons in a difficult financial situation who are unable to pay for legal advice
  • we are involved together with the Association of Friends for Integration (Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Integracji) in work on the bill on equal opportunities for the disabled
  • we assisted during the establishment of the LC Heart Foundation and have been assisting the Foundation with legal and organisational aspects ever since
  • we are handling several dozen disputes for worse-off individuals

Also, in recent years:

  • in co-operation with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights we represented  a disabled regional public prosecutor whose employment was terminated without notice
  • our lawyers ran a training course on how to carry out proper Regulatory Impact Assessments of normative acts for members of the Civil Legislation Forum (Obywatelskie Forum Legislacji) that operates within the Stefan Batory Foundation’s Programme Against Corruption
  • we have provided legal support to the Mazowia Federation of Service Organisations (Federacja Organizacji Służebnych Mazowia) in the form of a legal opinion on intervention-based placing of children in childcare and educational facilities
  • we have provided legal advice during talks with the Ministry of the State Treasury on ensuring a fit-for-purpose building for the Group of Public Educational Association Public Schools (Zespół Szkół Społecznych STO)
  • we have drawn up an opinion on the rules for carrying out business and accounting operations by the Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation
  • we established and have been providing legal services to the Ernst & Young Foundation, e.g. we cooperated with the Foundation to advise a family who were victims of an accident in the fair trade centre in Katowice and we carried out the family’s inheritance proceedings
  • we have advised the Krystyna Janda Polonia Theatre Foundation on legal issues
  • we have advised in a court dispute over 2% of proceeds from the privatisation of Bank PKO due to the Foundation for Polish Science
  • we have advised the Journalists' Charity Ball Foundation (Fundacja Charytatywny Bal Dziennikarzy) on the production of a full-length feature film
  • we have advised the Supreme Pharmaceutical Council (Naczelna Rada Aptekarska) on pharmaceutical law

About DZP

We are the largest of the Polish law firms. Since 1993 our experts have advised both Polish and foreign clients from almost all business sectors. We currently have 180 experts in various specialisations and 90 countires in business relation network.

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Our clients

All our clients' matters are examined comprehensively by multi-disciplinary teams. We also use external experts if required, e.g. foreign law firms and international consulting firms. We advise foreign clients in their own language.

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Market position

We have worked for years to maintain our good reputation and professional prestige, helped by our many years' experience in advising on large complex projects, introducing innovative solutions and working with very demanding clients.

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International cooperation

We have been building up an extensive network of relationships with foreign law and advisory firms. We also cooperate with international law organizations. Our contacts provide us with access to legal expertise and solutions worldwide.

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More than advice

Never before has awareness of business-related legal issues had such a impact on a companies. Strict legal compliance is an indicator of a firm's good condition, which is why DZP's work to clarify legal aspects to our clients does not end in our offices.

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We offer professional development opportunities to lawyers who wish to gain experience and improve their practical skills. We are looking for people with talent who set their sights high and want to develop.

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Non-governmental and pro-social organisations

Operating effectively also means acting for organisations, local communities or individuals. Social responsibility contributes to balanced social and business development.

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Charity work

We create close and open relations with disinterested help. We build a culture of openness for the needs of others, so we support non-governmental and pro-social initiatives. We have been running charity for many years.

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