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Restructuring & Insolvency Proceedings

A debt crisis in a company gives rise to both risk and opportunities. DZP offers its clients assistance with avoiding the former and making use of the latter.

We look at a company’s problems in a multifaceted way, as the causes of insolvency lie in different areas of the company's operations. For this reason, reacting properly to difficulties and effectively restructuring the business may require the involvement of specialists in many fields.

Advice on projects with insolvency elements is provided by a dedicated group of specialists representing various DZP Practices. Each has in-depth expertise and extensive experience in handling matters falling within their purview and related to company insolvency. Each project is coordinated by a licensed restructuring adviser who heads a team of experts specialising in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

This means that the team advising the client is always tailor-made and available at one address. With this approach, we are able to help businesses manage their problems by devising solutions that specifically suit the issues they are facing. We pay attention to the details and clearly identify risks that are acceptable and those that may jeopardise the client's aim.

We provide services for various stakeholders in restructuring and bankruptcy processes:

Services for debtors and their management and owners of companies facing bankruptcy:

  • we prepare strategies for restructuring or exiting unprofitable businesses
  • we negotiate with creditors in both court and out-of-court restructuring processes and renegotiate bank financing
  • we represent debtors in court restructuring processes and bankruptcy proceedings
  • we advise on employment restructuring
  • we advise on how to obtain state aid
  • we advise on how to protect management from personal liability
  • we represent management board members in criminal, civil and tax proceedings
  • we advise on how to protect the assets of entities associated with debtors

Services for creditors and business partners of companies facing bankruptcy:

  • we advise on securing interests in the event of a business partner’s insolvency
  • we devise strategies for debt recovery in restructuring, bankruptcy and enforcement
  • we advise on relations with business partners in court restructuring
  • we assist with assessing arrangement proposals and restructuring plans
  • we represent creditors in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings
  • we represent members of creditors’ committees

Services for investors:

  • we prepare loan-to-own strategies
  • we negotiate pre-pack bankruptcy agreements
  • we advise on the acquisition of assets from receivers, administrators and bailiffs
  • we negotiate in investment processes with debtors in restructuring and their owners

We provide restructuring and bankruptcy advice with the involvement of specialists in many legal fields:

Restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings

Marek Świątkowski | Michał Cecerko | Damian Cieśla | Oliwia Dziamecka | Michał Klimowicz

Credit debt restructuring | debt security

Magdalena Skowrońska | Tomasz Kalicki

Criminal and financial liability of managers

Paweł Lewandowski | Rafał Karbowniczek

Tax liability of managers | taxes in restructuring and bankruptcy

Artur Nowak | Paweł Suchocki

State aid for debt restructuring

Anna Glapa | Tomasz Zielenkiewicz

Employment restructuring | collective redundancies

Agata Mierzwa 

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