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We have created the biggest and most versatile team of healthcare sector advisers in Poland. We provide full-range advice to entities carrying out medical activities, patient organisations, healthcare professionals and providers, and to external firms directly or indirectly involved in this area. The team comprises lawyers, economists, doctors and experts in healthcare economics.

We have carried out many cutting-edge projects:

  • regulatory advice to healthcare entities as regards appraising guaranteed cardiology services,
  • setting up the Telemedicine Working Group Foundation,
  • legal advice on the "oncology package", e.g. drafting a regulatory report, drawing up an application to the Constitutional Tribunal and an application to the Human Rights Commissioner,
  • initiating work on a sector code for the healthcare sector in accordance with article 40 of the GDPR; DZP is the main legal partner in the undertaking,
  • legal advice to an international IT corporation on implementation of cloud solutions in the healthcare sector (project for Central and Eastern Europe),
  • legal support in work on a project to reform the health service – introducing Additional Healthcare Insurance,
  • initiating the formation of the Polish Unmanned Systems Chamber,
  • advice to voivodship authorities on starting up a regional medical data exchange platform,
  • drawing up opinions and contracts on medical care packages for one of the largest capital groups in Poland,
  • legal advice to Healthcare IT System Centre - ePUAP [Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services], Electronic Medical Documentation, Medical Information System, e-prescriptions, e-referrals, medical outsourcing, personal data protection,
  • preparing processes for restructuring and commercialisation of numerous medical entities in Poland, including those for a planned hospital chain,
  • advice to one of the largest mobile telephone operators on telemedicine.

Our advisory covers:

Optimisation and restructuring of medical units

  • advice on changes to the financing of healthcare services (hospital treatment, specialised outpatient healthcare, primary healthcare),
  • full-range implementation of GDPR in medical centres,
  • developing and implementing medical units' restructuring and debt optimisation scenarios,
  • public-private partnerships,
  • outsourcing medical entities' processes.

Day-to-day legal assistance to medical entities

  • drawing up organisational rules,
  • drawing up and preparing document models, e.g. contracts and consent forms,
  • support in personal data protection, public procurement, corporate law, contract law and labour law.

Compliance in healthcare

  • audits of medical facilities,
  • drafting standard operating procedures (SOP) for medical facilities,
  • training courses for doctors and nurses (e.g. malpractice, contacts with patients, combating corruption, reimbursed product prescriptions).

Healthcare information technology advisory

  • developing and introducing electronic medical documentation,
  • advice on telemedicine,
  • advice on implementing innovative healthcare support systems.

Proceedings before administrative authorities and courts

  • help with inspections and obtaining administrative decisions,
  • legal assistance with NHF contracting processes,
  • representation in civil, criminal and disciplinary proceedings.

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Private health insurance report

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Commercialisation of Healthcare (Poland)

Publication | 15.03.2013 Overview of the regulatory framework for the commercialisation of medical products in Poland (requirements for drugs, medical devices, biological products and natural health products).

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Amendments to Reimbursement Act – strategic advisory to INFARMA

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