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Regulatory Affairs, Legislation and Compliance

Members of our Regulatory Affairs, Legislation and Compliance Practice represent clients’ interests in the law-making process. To this end:

  • we are actively involved in the legislative process and in the public debate over new regulations,
  • we monitor changes in legislation, assessing their impact on business, their constitutionality, and their compliance with EU law and standards of good legislation,
  • we draw up drafts of new regulations and proposals for amendments to laws that support business development,
  • we advise on the creation of industry codes and self-regulation,
  • we represent clients in proceedings before the Constitutional Tribunal,
  • we advise local authorities on local governance matters and on issues relating to the financing of local authority tasks and the drafting of local laws.

In addition to its activities in the law-making process, the team also advises on the application of regulations on:

  • tobacco,
  • alcohol,
  • the sale of energy drinks,
  • gambling.

In the area of compliance, we support clients in managing legal risks, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and implementing internal control systems. To this end:

  • we implement compliance systems,
  • we draft procedures, policies, rules and codes of ethics, including anti-corruption procedures, whistleblowing procedures, verification of contracting parties and anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) procedures,
  • we simplify the language of internal rules and communication used by clients, including through Legal Design,
  • we map the legal risks associated with our clients' operations and develop solutions to help minimise these risks,
  • we provide training, including on anti-corruption, business ethics, whistleblowing, international sanctions and anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT),
  • we carry out internal investigations to detect and prevent irregularities, audits of correspondence and OSINT (open source intelligence) activities.

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