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More than advice

Never before has awareness of business-related legal issues had such a huge impact on a company's success or failure. Strict legal compliance is an indicator of a company's good condition, which is why DZP's work to clarify legal aspects to our clients does not end in our offices. With a wider audience in mind, we run various educational activities.

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About DZP

We are the largest of the Polish law firms. Since 1993 our experts have advised both Polish and foreign clients from almost all business sectors. We currently have 180 experts in various specialisations and 90 countires in business relation network.

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Our clients

All our clients' matters are examined comprehensively by multi-disciplinary teams. We also use external experts if required, e.g. foreign law firms and international consulting firms. We advise foreign clients in their own language.

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Market position

We have worked for years to maintain our good reputation and professional prestige, helped by our many years' experience in advising on large complex projects, introducing innovative solutions and working with very demanding clients.

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International cooperation

We have been building up an extensive network of relationships with foreign law and advisory firms. We also cooperate with international law organizations. Our contacts provide us with access to legal expertise and solutions worldwide.

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We offer professional development opportunities to lawyers who wish to gain experience and improve their practical skills. We are looking for people with talent who set their sights high and want to develop.

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Pro Bono

For many years now we have been carrying out charitable and pro publico bono activities, providing support for both organisations and individuals. We also support non-governmental and pro-social initiatives.

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Non-governmental and pro-social organisations

Operating effectively also means acting for organisations, local communities or individuals. Social responsibility contributes to balanced social and business development.

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Charity work

We create close and open relations with disinterested help. We build a culture of openness for the needs of others, so we support non-governmental and pro-social initiatives. We have been running charity for many years.

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