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Non-governmental and pro-social organisations

We act for non-governmental and pro-social organisations:

  • Dr. Tomasz Zalasiński became one of the Board Members of the "Innovation for Health" Think-TankThink-Tank - a foundation set up by the 6 largest research institutes in the field of health care
  • Dr Bartosz Karolczyk is co-author of a report entitled "Amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure after nearly four years of application” written as part of the Helsinski Foundation for Human Rights program Monitoring the legislative process as it pertains to the administration of justice

  • on 1 March 2016, DZP, the Polish Disability Forum (PFON), the Warmińsko-Mazurski Regional Assembly of Disabled Persons (W-MSON), the Lubelski Forum of Disabled Organisations - Voivodship Regional Assembly (LFOON-SW) and the Maria Grzegorzewska University (APS) began a project entitled Implementation of a Convention on Disabled Persons' Rights – a common cause. The project is carried out under Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020, Priority Axis II. Effective public policies for the labour market, economy and education, Measure 2.6 High quality policies for social and professional inclusion of disabled persons. The project is financed by EU funds from the European Social Fund. The project leader is PFON, assisted by DZP's Life Sciences Practices headed by Prof. Marcin Matczak. Organisational and planning decisions are taken by the Steering Committee on which DZP is represented by Dr Tomasz Zalasiński. The DZP team co-ordinator is Dr Marcin Romanowicz

  • Prof. Marcin Matczak and Szymon Łajszczak prepared legal advice for the Batory Foundation assessing whether the Act of 22 December 2015 amending the Constitutional Tribunal Act complies with the constitution; the advice was sent to the Constitutional Tribunal as an amicus curiae brief and the Tribunal accepted it.
  • Krzysztof Zakrzewski is a member of the board of the Jan Karski Educational Foundation, whose mission is to instill in people - especially youth - the values of leadership, courage and integrity, as exemplified by the life of Jan Karski

  • we provide legal assistance for the Precedent Cases Programme of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. As a result of DZP’s support, the Foundation can take action to strengthen the rule of law and the protection of human rights in Poland
  • Dr hab. Marcin Matczak and Dr Tomasz Zalasiński are co-authors of the “Legislative Barometer”. The Barometer provides a quantitative analysis of the implementation of government legislative programmes and a comparison between the outcome of work on legislation and the efficiency of legislation implementation in various ministries

In past years:

  • Dr Hanna Gajewska-Kraczkowska co-operated with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in their The Observatory of Media Freedom in Poland and Innocence Clinic projects
  • we supported the establishment of the Allerhand Institute, an advanced legal studies centre and a source of systemic concepts for reforming commercial law and developing the legal and institutional infrastructure of the financial market. The Institute also strengthens Poland’s voice in the international debate on EU key legislative solutions
  • Dr Marcin Matczak worked as an expert for the Friendly State committee for the debureaucratisation of the economy and as an expert at the Ministry of Justice on bills on access to legal professions, on legal assistance, on court jurisdiction, and on the career development of judges
  • the law firm has participated as a support institution in many initiatives to establish capital market standards and co-create corporate governance rules. We have co-operated for many years with the Warsaw Stock Exchange and financial institutions, e.g. the Polish Private Equity Association. Professor Grzegorz Domański was the first President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Council, he is also the first honorary member of the Stock Exchange. He was co-creator of all securities regulations and Stock Exchange regulations, and he chaired the work of the Best Practices Committee of the Corporate Governance Forum in 2001-2007

About DZP

We are the largest of the Polish law firms. Since 1993 our experts have advised both Polish and foreign clients from almost all business sectors. We currently have 180 experts in various specialisations and 90 countires in business relation network.

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Our clients

All our clients' matters are examined comprehensively by multi-disciplinary teams. We also use external experts if required, e.g. foreign law firms and international consulting firms. We advise foreign clients in their own language.

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Market position

We have worked for years to maintain our good reputation and professional prestige, helped by our many years' experience in advising on large complex projects, introducing innovative solutions and working with very demanding clients.

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International cooperation

We have been building up an extensive network of relationships with foreign law and advisory firms. We also cooperate with international law organizations. Our contacts provide us with access to legal expertise and solutions worldwide.

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More than advice

Never before has awareness of business-related legal issues had such a impact on a companies. Strict legal compliance is an indicator of a firm's good condition, which is why DZP's work to clarify legal aspects to our clients does not end in our offices.

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We offer professional development opportunities to lawyers who wish to gain experience and improve their practical skills. We are looking for people with talent who set their sights high and want to develop.

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Pro Bono

For many years now we have been carrying out charitable and pro publico bono activities, providing support for both organisations and individuals. We also support non-governmental and pro-social initiatives.

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Charity work

We create close and open relations with disinterested help. We build a culture of openness for the needs of others, so we support non-governmental and pro-social initiatives. We have been running charity for many years.

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