Where will I find support in expanding onto foreign markets?

Our Go Global programme.

Why choose DZP?

When choosing DZP our clients take into account that:

  • we have been creating and developing a network of trusted relationships with experts from foreign law firms of various sizes and types
  • we work with lawyers specialising in specific areas of the law who are selected with skills and needs in mind
  • we advise Polish entrepreneurs looking to invest on the international market and foreign businesses seeking  advice on Polish law
  • we have access to legal expert opinions and solutions from all over the world
  • we cooperate with a network of law firms, so we can obtain opinions and information on legal solutions used abroad
  • but we are still a Polish law firm with a Polish structure, Polish customs and Polish fee rates.

DZP supports the development of Polish businesses in Poland and all over the world.

Our knowledge and experience provide entrepreneurs with the support they need – our clients' success is our success.

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