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Foreign Expansion Fund FIZ AN signs agreement with Rainbow Tours to expand chain of White Olive hotels in Greece

Deals corner | 13.02.2019

Foreign Expansion Fund FIZ AN, managed by PFR TFI S.A., has concluded an investment agreement with Rainbow Tours S.A. on a joint investment in expanding the chain of White Olive hotels in Greece.

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Foreign Expansion Fund grants loan for investments of a Polish company from the R22 Group

Deals corner | 29.01.2019

DZP lawyers supported the investment fund Fundusz Ekspansji Zagranicznej FIZ AN, managed by the investment fund company PFR TFI S.A., upon negotiating and concluding a loan agreement with a member company of R22 Group, extending its activity outside of Poland.

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Infrastructure projects and financing opportunities for Ukrainian business in Poland

Event | 21.11.2018

Asters and DZP has a pleasure of inviting you to business breakfast which will be held 21 November 2018.

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Acquisition of the British company Lawrence David Limited by Wielton S.A.

Deals corner | 19.09.2018

Wielton S.A., the largest in Poland and a leading European manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers, has acquired a 100% shareholding in Lawrence David Limited.

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Marcin Krakowiak, participant in international conferences in China

News | 14.09.2018

On 14-21 September Marcin Krakowiak, as the guest of the Shanghai branch of the Polish Investment & Trade Agency, took part in international conferences in China.

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Wielton buys remaining shares in French company Fruehauf

Deals corner | 28.12.2017

On 28 December Wielton closed a transaction to acquire from Dauphine Investissements a 34.69% shareholding in Fruehauf. DZP was again legal adviser and coordinator of the transaction.

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GBO Fastening Systems AB sold its Polish subsidiary to the French company Ateliers LR Etanco SAS

Deals corner | 29.09.2017

DZP advised the Swedish company GBO Fastening Systems AB upon the sale of its Polish subsidiary to the French company Ateliers LR Etanco SAS.

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Opportunities and threats for Chinese contractors

Event | 12.09.2017

Together with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade we are pleased to invite you to a business seminar on public procurement in Poland, which will be held on 12 September.

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Kazakhstan - a safe port for business?

Publication | 01.09.2017

It is one of the favourite destination for Polish firms interested in doing business in Central Asia. However, there are some legal peculiarities that one should know when deciding to operate there.

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Wielton takes over German Langendorf Group

Deals corner | 24.05.2017

We advised Wielton SA on the acquisition of 100% of shares in the German Langendorf GmbH. The Langendorf Group manufactures trailers, semi-trailers and special vehicles for transporting, e.g. glass.

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David Shasha, an English solicitor joins DZP in London

News | 01.02.2017

David Shasha has joined our team. David will be working in London, where he will co-ordinate DZP's relationships with law firms, financial institutions and companies located in UK.

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USP Zdrowie buys Polish-Swedish Naturell Group

Deals corner | 18.07.2016

USP Zdrowie Group acquired 100% of shares in the Polish-Swedish Naturell Group. We were the main adviser and co-ordinated the Polish-Swedish team of lawyers and tax and financial advisers.

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Polish companies are willing and able to buy foreign companies

Publication | 06.07.2016

Poland’s market economy has been developing rapidly over the last 30 years. Many Polish entrepreneurs have developed their businesses to grow from small initiatives to impressive sizes.

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DZP joins Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

News | 16.03.2016

DZP has become a member of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is one of the oldest bilateral chambers of commerce in Poland and has worked for over 20 years for the development of mutual relations.

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Legal Week 2015: The search for stability

Publication | 28.11.2015

Although the Central and Eastern Europe region is still suffering from instability, several countries have seen improved economic performance, Dominic Carman reports.

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Wielton takes over leading French competitor

Deals corner | 22.05.2015

We have advised Wielton SA, the largest Polish and one of the foremost European manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers, on the purchase of 65.31% of shares in the French company Fruehauf.

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The Lawyer: Poland - Warsaw packed

Publication | 16.03.2015

An influx of global firms and a rush of indie spin-offs has created an overcrowded legal market in Poland – and fees are suffering. “The market is very crowded,” agrees Krzysztof Zakrzewski.

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Everything Old is New Again

Publication | 11.12.2014

The legal practices of the Big 4 accounting firms are back … and growing quickly. This resurgence is obvious in CEE as well, and the confidence among and optimism of the regional heads suggest that their time has come.

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