Do the rules applied at my company comply with local law?

Multi-disciplinary compliance team.

Why choose DZP?

When choosing DZP our clients take into account:

  • our team of experts experienced in all areas requiring compliance,
  • our experience in advising at both internal and external levels,
  • the full-range nature of our compliance advisory: from analysing current operations through identifying risks, drawing up recovery plans and appropriate documentation to training, and in crisis situations – efficiently running criminal and administrative proceedings,
  • that our compliance advisory is covered by legal professional privilege,
  • legal concepts translated into business language,
  • combination of legal measures and external PR support.

As compliance advisers, our aim is to:

  • contribute to the success of our clients' companies by creating an ethical business environment through development of a compliance system,
  • efficiently advise on white-collar crime,
  • primarily assist in crisis situations and closing cases.

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