Do the rules applied at my company comply with local law?

Multi-disciplinary compliance team.

White-collar crime

We have many years' experience in providing legal advisory in proceedings involving white-collar crime.

We advise in crisis situations to mitigate the risk of economic crimes, e.g.:

  • economic and financial fraud,
  • dishonesty of a company's employees, management and co-operating persons,
  • criminal liability of members of a company's authorities,
  • problems relating to unreliable record keeping,
  • cases of breach of trust and conflict of interests,
  • economic corruption and corruption involving officials,
  • money laundering.

We react quickly in crisis situations (searches, interrogations, indictments and other investigative measures). We have successfully represented clients in preparatory and judicial proceedings in criminal and fiscal criminal cases.

We advise our clients in proceedings run pursuant to Polish laws and also in cases based on the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and the Bribery Act 2010.

To provide our clients with comprehensive management of crisis situations, we work with leading PR firms.

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