Do the rules applied at my company comply with local law?

Multi-disciplinary compliance team.

DZP | Compliance

Compliance is a key factor in all areas of a company's business. Consequently, businesses are increasingly aware of the need to create an efficient compliance system to ensure that their operations comply with both local and international legal requirements and sometimes also with guidelines imposed by parent companies in corporate organisations.

In response to this situation and to our clients' expectations, DZP has set up a multidisciplinary team to give practical and effective advice in all areas requiring compliance.

Our advisory particularly covers:

Compliance analyses to, e.g.:

  • identify compliance risks
  • identify the link between the risks and the organisation's business objectives and processes
  • define the management measures to be taken to elimiate or mitigate risks or irregularities in the future
  • assess whether the organisation's procedures, both formal and operating, are correct
  • analyse and improve the organisation's ethical environment

Creating compliance systems, e.g.:

  • implementing comprehensive compliance systems
  • creating, updating or supplementing internal procedures
  • defining the tasks of individual organisation members by adapting the organisational structure appropriately
  • developing suitable mechanisms to combat fraud and mitigate the compliance risk
  • setting up dedicated channels for reporting suspected fraud and submitting questions and doubts as to compliance (whistleblowing)

Disclosure and reaction – our support covers:

  • compliance audits and controls, e.g. examining financial and source documentation for, e.g. potential conflicts of interests, misappropriation of the company's assets or corruption
  • clarification procedures
  • investigative audits as regards suspected economic corruption and corruption involving officials, dishonesty of employees and breach of the fair competition principle

Education and prevention:

  • day-to-day compliance advisory
  • running compliance training courses and workshops to increase awareness of potential irregularities, ways of ensuring compliance with regulations and communication

Handling criminal and administrative proceedings involving, e.g.:

  • economic corruption and corruption involving officials
  • fixing public tenders
  • money laundering
  • liability for breach of anti-trust rules

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