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Webinarium: Big and small law firm. American legal practice patterns in Poland



Dr Tomasz Zielenkiewicz

The American models and good practices as well as American traditions and experience of running law firms could be analysed from the perspective of their direct or indirect influence onto Polish law firms or Polish branches of foreign law firms.

On October 5, CUA & UJ American Law Program is organizing a free webinar "Big and small law firm. American legal practice patterns in Poland", during which lawyers from Poland and the USA will analyze American patterns of running a law firm and discuss the way they implement to our Polish standards.

During the webinar, Tomasz Zielenkiewicz, Senior Associate from Infrastructure & Energy Practice, will discuss opportunities and difficulties in varied models of running a law firm, being either small (boutique), or a big (corporation) one.

The event is a part of the series of 7 webinars which focus on challenges facing the legal profession and the way it can be enhanced by knowledge taken from the American law.

More information about the event and registration link can be found here. 

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