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Remarks From The Edge of The War Zone


Dr Bartosz Marcinkowski

This is not a typical CEOWORLD Magazine article. Still, there are events whose significance cannot be ignored. My text – written in Warsaw, Poland, not far from the Ukrainian border – follows up on Dr. Joe Zamit-Lucia’s article “Tomorrow The World Will Not Return To Normal” (CEOWORLD Magazine, March 7, 2022).

One of the facts is that Ukraine (approximately 44 million population) gained independence in 1991. For decades, it had been part of Russia and the USSR. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine with a population of approximately 3 million, located 700 km (430 miles) away from Warsaw and 1,200 km (740 miles) away from Berlin, is historically deemed to have been the cradle of Russian statehood.

Still, the individuality and at least partial independence of Ukraine were observed even during Soviet times: Ukraine and Belarus were the only two Soviet republics that were subjects of international law and the UN members (kind of illusive Soviet confederationism).

The full text of the article "Remarks From The Edge of The War Zone" authored by Bartosz Marcinkowski, Partner in the Corporate and M&A Practice is available at CEOWORLD Magazine.

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