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DZP summary: IP Overview of Poland


Dr Aleksandra Auleytner
Jakub Kubalski

Recent developments in IP field in Poland 

The year 2014 marked a year of not-so-little change in terms of legal requirements towards marketing in general and online game marketing in particular.

Implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive

This is naturally mostly associated with the Consumer Rights Directive being implemented throughout the EU. Poland was no exception. The landmark legislative act transposing the directive – pol. ustawa o prawach konsumenta, came into force on Christmas day, 2014.

The Act did not however come as a welcome Christmas gift for entrepreneurs, especially for on-line gaming providers. The Act, in line with the Directive outlined a wealth of precontractual information to be provided prior to distance contract conclusion.

Full content of the article is available in attached PDF.

Source: International IP Law Firms, 2015 

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