A month ago Wojciech Dziomdziora, a prominent expert in media, telecommunications and new technologies, had been appointed to the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications Council. Today, we are pleased to announce that, at the inaugural meeting of the PCITT Council, he was elected to the Chamber’s Management Board.

The inaugural meeting of the PCITT Council in its 12th term of office 2015-2017 held on 15 April was opened by Wacław Iszkowski – PCITT President. The meeting was then run by Marek Maniecki – Member of the PCITT Council (senior).

In a secret ballot, the Council elected:

  • Krzysztof Król (Asseco) as Chairman of the Council,
  • Andrzej Abramczuk (Aero2) as Deputy Chairman of the Council,
  • Michał Jaworski (Microsoft) as Deputy Chairman of the Council.

More information about the Council meeting cna be found at the PIIT website.


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