charging the electric car in station. renewable energy concept

At the beginning of the year, the Polish parliament passed the Act on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels.

The Act passed is consistent with the Polish government’s strategy to develop electromobility in Poland, as it is not only a mechanism for implementing Directive 2014/94/EU on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in national law, but also the first comprehensive regulation on electromobility in Poland.

The Act imposes a number of requirements on public entities as regards ensuring a share of as much as 50% of electric vehicles in the vehicle fleet. However, in many cases the solutions adopted could give rise to interpretational doubts (e.g. technical requirements for recharging points).

In particular, local authorities will be obliged to construct electromobility support infrastructure and to contract urban transport services to entities whose vehicle fleet comprises a minimum of 30% zero emission vehicles.

We can only assume that, due to the value of the investments required, they will generally be subject to the Public Procurement Law and conducting the entire purchasing procedure efficiently will require transport sector knowledge to be taken into account. 

The Act was published on 7 February 2018 in the official Journal of Laws and is available at

The Act will generally (apart from special provisions) come into effect on 22 February 2018.


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