Warum DZP?

DZP stärkt ihre Position im Ranking Legal 500 EMEA 2024

DZP stärkt ihre Position im Ranking Legal 500 EMEA 2024


Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu dürfen, dass unsere Rechtsanwaltskanzlei in der neuesten Ausgabe des Rankings von Legal 500 ihre Position als eine der führenden polnischen und internationalen Anwaltskanzleien gefestigt hat. In der diesjährigen Ausgabe erhielten 61 unserer Experten in 19 Fachgebieten individuelle Empfehlungen.

Besonders erfreulich ist die Top-Platzierung (Top Tier), die unsere vier Beratungsteams in den Bereichen Construction, Dispute Resolution, Energy & Natural Resources und Public Procurement erzielt haben. Glückwünsche gehen auch an die Praxis für Kapitalmärkte und Finanzinstitutionen, die in der Kategorie Capital Markets auf Tier 3 aufgestiegen ist, sowie an die Praxis für Wettbewerbsrecht, die im Bereich Competition/Antitrust ebenfalls auf Tier 3 der Rangliste hinzugekommen ist.

Von allen empfohlenen Experten wurden 13 mit individuellen Auszeichnungen geehrt:

  • Hall of Fame – Hanna Gajewska-Kraczkowska und Rafał Hajduk
  • Leading individual – Katarzyna Kuźma, Tomasz Darowski, Paweł Lewandowski, Paweł Grzejszczak, Bartosz Marcinkowski, Artur Nowak, Julita Zimoch-Tuchołka
  • Next Generation Partners – Agata Mierzwa und zum ersten Mal Rafał Karbowniczek
  • Rising Stars – Tomasz Kalicki, Tomasz Michalczyk.

Darüber hinaus haben in diesem Jahr gleich 10 unserer Experten ihr Debüt in der Rangliste gegeben: Mateusz Mądry, Marta Balcerowska, Katarzyna Biarda, Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Anna Kuczewska, Krzysztof Stecyk, Maciej Zajda, Mateusz Jankowski, Michał Klimowicz und Katarzyna Wójcik. 

Nachstehend finden Sie Informationen über die empfohlenen Teams sowie die Meinungen der befragten Mandanten. Wie bei den anderen Rankings waren die Kriterien für die Bewertung der Rechtsanwälte und der einzelnen Teams vor allem: Erfahrung und abgewickelte Projekte sowie die Beziehungen zu den Mandanten, deren Meinung einer der wichtigsten Faktoren ist.

Tier 1

Public procurement

Leading individuals: Katarzyna Kuźma

Rising star: Tomasz Michalczyk

Other key lawyers: Marcin Krakowiak, Wojciech Hartung, Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Michał Gajdek

‘I appreciate working with Katarzyna Kuźma and Wojciech Hartung. They both have an excellent approach to client expectations and problems, and they combine their open approach with deep knowledge, and willingness to solve any legal jigsaw with deep knowledge of public procurement regulations.’

‘Tomasz Michalczyk; is one of the best lawyers in the public procurement law sector. Exceptional knowledge and competence and a creative solution-oriented attitude.’


Leading Individuals: Tomasz Darowski

Other key lawyers: Marcin Krakowiak, Kamil Pociecha, Beata Cieszyńska, Michał Przychoda

‘I had the pleasure of working with attorney Tomasz Darowski and Kamil Pociecha. Both are distinguished by a high level of professionalism which is reflected in: extensive knowledge of the topics in which they specialise, high level of personal culture, self-control, effective combination of legal and technical aspects.’

Dispute resolution

Leading individuals: Paweł Lewandowski

Other key lawyers: Józef Palinka, Paweł Paradowski, Łukasz Wojdalski, Maciej Orkusz, Jacek Stokłosa, Bartosz Karolczyk, Anna Ciepla, Krzysztof Stecyk

‘The DZP litigation team, led by Paweł Lewandowski, is a group of very skilled attorneys who have a very diligent and business-oriented approach to legal work. They are capable of proposing an accurate litigation strategy for a client.’

‘Paweł Lewandowski is an experienced legal professional whose advice is always to the point and takes into account the client’s interests.’

‘Great commitment to matters, friendly cooperation, quick responses, very good communication.’

‘DZP has a great team! They are open minded, well organised, and professional.’

Energy and natural resources

Leading individuals: Paweł Grzejszczak

Hall of Fame: Rafał Hajduk

Other key lawyers: Marcin Krakowiak, Katarzyna Kuźma

‘In my opinion, they have a very strong track record in the renewables and energy sector. At the same time, in addition to legal issues, they are able to approach topics from the business side.’

‘Comprehensive approach to the case is definitely a strength of the team, which distinguishes them from other law firms.’

Tier 2

Data privacy and data protection

Leading individuals: Bartosz Marcinkowski

Other key lawyers: Sylwia Kuca, Karolina Kulikowska-Gruszecka, Mateusz Jankowski

‘We are in constant contact with Bartosz Marcinkowski, who is easy, approachable, very responsive, and highly regarded by clients.’

‘Karolina Kulikowska-Gruszecka and Mateusz Jankowski are worth mentioning as professionals who are able to understand the client’s business and provide valuable advice.’

Banking and finance

Rising star: Tomasz Kalicki

Other key lawyers: Magdalena Skowrońska, Rafał Grochowski, Katarzyna Biarda, Anna Kuczewska, Katarzyna Wójcik

‘We have primarily worked with Magdalena Skowrońska and Tomasz Kalicki and found both to be extremely knowledgeable, very concise and business-oriented in providing their advice and very pragmatic.’

‘We love working with DZP as their team is super responsive, has a clear eye on the relevant details and will keep accurate track of everything ongoing. It is the perfect puzzle piece to complement international transactions.’

Commercial, corporate and M&A

Key lawyers: Krzysztof Zakrzewski, Marek Świątkowski, Piotr Andrzejczak, Robert Niczyporuk, Damian Szczygielski, Bartosz Marcinkowski, Sylwia Kuca, Michał Klimowicz

'Damian Szczygielski and Michał Klimowicz provided us with an outstanding service, with highly professional and experienced advice to proceed our M&A project smoothly. Needless to say, they were always reactive throughout the project.’

‘One of Poland’s largest and institutionalised law firms with a great organisation. Bartosz Marcinkowski is my go-to person in Poland.’

‘The support is on a high level of knowledge and professionalism and it is very much reliable. What is very specific with DZP against the others is that they are trying to help you to make the right decision.’

‘Very good individual lawyers, with high personal class. They are proactively looking forward to your targets and helping with legal advice to achieve them.’


Next Generation Partners: Agata Mierzwa

Other key lawyers: Bogusław Kapłon, Justyna Tyc-Brzosko

‘The practice is experienced in finding solutions for big and complicated organisations so that smaller organisations can instantly benefit from this. The communication is maintained direct and easy so you feel welcome and important. Finally, the solutions advised are pragmatic and straightforward.’

‘We strongly attest that Bogusław Kapłon is an immensely knowledgeable advisor who provides crystal-clear and actionable recommendations. It is without a doubt that his advice is the foundation of our informed and successful decision-making.’

Healthcare and life sciences

Key lawyers: Mateusz Mądry, Marcin Matczak

‘Awareness of business realities and out of the box mindset – they work together, and don’t just provide legal advice.’

‘Strong leadership, long-lasting relationships with organisations. Their key strength is their commercial/distribution expertise.’


Leading individuals: Julita Zimoch-Tuchołka

‘Julita Zimoch-Tuchołka has been a pleasure to work with. She has been consistently excellent in insurance and regulatory topics and always available on short notice, turning things around quickly.’

Private client

Key lawyers: Piotr Andrzejczak, Joanna Wierzejska, Marek Świątkowski, Jakub Wieszczeczyński, Grzegorz Sprawka, Damian Szczygielski

‘Very high competences, quick response to inquiries, and high ability to clearly explain legal consequences for people without legal knowledge.’

‘Very readable and accurate notes after meetings, legible and professional documentation of studies, and flexibility in time and calendar management.’

Restructuring and insolvency

Key lawyers: Michał Cecerko, Bartosz Marcinkowski, Sylwia Kuca

‘The team has deep knowledge and experience with respect to local markets, but also wide expertise of international practice, especially in the field of European financial regulation and financial restructuring.’

‘Michał Cecerko is a leader with great experience and he is very approachable when needed.’


Leading individuals: Artur Nowak

Other key lawyers: Joanna Wierzejska, Grzegorz Sprawka, Jan Czerwiński, Tomasz Leszczewski

‘The DZP team offers good answers to the new situations we have every day. Good connection between different departments that allows them to find the best solutions.’

‘Good communication and understand of the problems we face. The fact that they know our project from the beginning is an advantage to understanding it.’

White-collar crime

Hall of Fame: Hanna Gajewska-Kraczkowska

Next Generation Partners: Rafał Karbowniczek

Other key lawyers: Artur Nowak

‘Rafał Karbowniczek is a lawyer who, from my perspective, stands out in every respect. He has an incredible sense of process and the ability to efficiently communicate with law enforcement agencies. Rafał has impressive knowledge of criminal law, which he successfully uses in the cases entrusted to him. Always professional, responsive and polite.’

Tier 3

Capital markets

Key lawyers: Andrzej Foltyn, Rafał Grochowski, Magdalena Skowrońska, Piotr Jackowski, Maciej Zajda

‘Multidisciplinary practice with unique business sense and wide portfolio of experts ensuring that all the competencies needed in processes are there.’

‘Maciej Zajda has a hands-on approach, good business sense, and flexible and professional attitude.’


Key lawyers: Jarosław Łukawski, Marta Balcerowska

‘DZP is very knowledgeable when it comes to really understanding the FMCG market in Poland. This is knowledge that goes significantly beyond the usual standard of legal services. In matters requiring a deep understanding of the business, the practice at DZP is often our first choice.’

‘Jarosław Łukawski has vast experience in competition law matters, but it is his excellent practical understanding of businesses that makes him stand out. He knows the industry well and is up to date with the authorities’ activities.’

Intellectual property

Key lawyers: Aleksandra Auleytner, Jarosław Konecko

‘At that time, we needed a strong team to proceed with trade mark registration in the EU, and DZP was of great help to us.’


Key lawyers: Aleksandra Auleytner Tadeusz Piątek, Karolina Kulikowska-Gruszecka

‘Professional, with high experience and knowledge open for negotiation of the process, and transparent.’

‘Karolina Kulikowska-Gruszecka has great knowledge and is open-minded. Very good quality of work. Open to business needs, well organised, and knowledgeable about business.’

Tier 4

Real estate

Key lawyers: Lech Żyżylewski

We would like to thank our clients for trusting us and taking part in the survey.

All ranking results can be found on the website of The Legal 500.