Lech Żyżylewski


vcard +48 22 557 76 98     lech.zyzylewski@dzp.pl
  • Adviser to domestic and foreign firms on investment projects and real estate transactions, also on construction law and real estate management.
  • Advises on the execution of share sale agreements, mergers and acquisitions of business entities and real estate project financing.
  • He is an attorney ad litem in court proceedings involving civil and administrative law especially in real estate and reprivatisation cases.
  • Author of numerous articles and studies on, e.g. real estate trade and corporate law.
  • Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw.

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How to protect educational establishments against reprivatisation claims?

Publication | 28.10.2014

On Monday, 27 October, Gazeta Stołeczna organised a workshop on the reprivatisation of real estate in Warsaw used by schools and pre-schools.

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Investor Guide to Europe 2014

Publication | 01.09.2014

Welcome to our first edition of our “Investor guide to Europe”. This document is the result of a partnership between DTZ and Herbert Smith Freehills. The Polish chapter was written by Lech Żyżylewski.

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DZP successfully ends case over change of deadlines for developing real estate on Trakt Królewski

Deals corner | 18.04.2014

DZP’s Real Estate Practice has successfully ended a case for one of the largest insurance companies in Poland over a change in the deadlines for developing Real estate in Warsaw.

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DZP’s Supreme Court win: limitations period for claims for damage

Deals corner | 07.01.2014

DZP’s Supreme Court win: limitations period for claims for damages should be calculated from second minister or local board of appeal decision.

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DZP advises on purchase of luxury Hotel Sheraton Kraków

Deals corner | 18.12.2013

A multi-disciplinary team of experts at DZP advised the French hotel firm Algonquin on the purchase of one of the most prestigious hotels in Poland – the Hotel Sheraton Kraków.

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Acquisitive prescription of a decree building* is admissible

Deals corner | 24.05.2013

Supreme Court overturned an order issued by the Regional Court in Warsaw and referred back for re-examination a case concerning the State Treasury's acquisitive prescription of a decree building.

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Another win for DZP in a dispute with Serbia

Deals corner | 07.03.2013

Another win for Domański Zakrzewski Palinka in a dispute with Serbia: Ministry of Internal Affairs' permit is required for a foreigner to acquire real estate through acquisitive prescription.

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Decree claims are no obstacle to prolonging usufruct term

Deals corner | 21.12.2012

Court upholds DZP's stance: decree claims no obstacle to prolonging perpetual usufruct term. The case concerns a real estate located in an area covered by the Warsaw Decree of 1945.

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DZP wins long-term dispute over former Serbian embassy building

Deals corner | 25.06.2012

On 25 June 2012 the Regional Court in Warsaw issued an order dismissing an appeal filed by the Republic of Serbia in a case of Serbia's acquisitive prescription of real estate at Aleje Ujazdowskie.

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DZP wins Pałac Błękitny [Blue Palace] case

Deals corner | 27.03.2012

DZP wins Pałac Błękitny [Blue Palace] at ul. Senatorska in Warsaw case: claims cannot be brought against all holders for remuneration for non-contractual use of real estate.

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Restructuring of the Aldik group

Deals corner | 02.02.2012

DZP advised shareholders in the Aldik group on a project to restructure companies in Poland and abroad. The services we provided also covered full-range legal advisory on the sale of the Aldik Nova group from Lublin to the Maxima group.

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