Rafał Karbowniczek


+48 22 557 76 40     rafal.karbowniczek@dzp.pl
  • He specialises in criminal business law, criminal fiscal law and cases concerning criminal liability of collective entities.
  • He has more than fifteen years of experience in conducting complex litigation cases in the field of business law, with particular emphasis on cases concerning white-collar crimes and cross-border cybercrimes (including BEC scams).
  • He advises Polish and foreign clients at the pre-trial and trial stages, acting both as a defence counsel and as a representative of entities harmed by the crime.
  • He develops and implements the so-called dawn raid procedures in case of unannounced visits of law enforcement agencies to the business premises of companies as well as providing ad hoc support to them when the authorities’ take steps.
  • He also advises on protection of personal rights and corporate disputes arising between shareholders of commercial companies, where he represents both the companies involved in the conflict and the shareholders themselves.
  • He actively engages in pro publico bono activities. In this field, he cooperates on a regular basis with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, representing individuals under the "Precedent Cases Program" and the "Article 32" program.
  • Speaker at numerous training sessions and workshops concerning criminal liability of managers, contacts and relations with law enforcement agencies, criminal liability of collective entities and protection of personal rights.
  • Author of numerous publications on criminal law and criminal procedure.
  • Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.
  • Graduate of the Center for American Law Studies run by University of Florida Levin College of Law.
  • Member of the Warsaw Bar Association of Advocates.

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