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DZP report on oncology and queuing packages


The second of February saw the publication of a regulatory report drawn up by a team at DZP led by Marcin Matczak, Tomasz Zalasiński and Michał Czarnuch on the request of the Supreme Medical Chamber. The report sets out the outcome of an analysis of the amendments to the Act on Publicly Funded Healthcare Services introducing the oncology and queuing package in terms of whether they comply with the Polish Constitution.

The analysis identified numerous areas where the amendments do not comply with the basic Act, i.e. in the process to prepare, consult and adopt the new regulations, and in the amendment implementation process. Additionally, the analysis of the chapter on Regulatory Impact Assessments indicated the current and future negative consequences of the package.

On 2 April, a press conference was held at the Supreme Medical Chamber to summarise the results of the report. The meeting was attended by report authors Tomasz Zalasiński and Michał Czarnuch, and SMC President Maciej Hamankiewicz and SMC Vice-president Prof. Romuald Krajewski.

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