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Investment arbitration before Permanent Court of Arbitration


Dr Marek Świątkowski
Julita Zimoch-Tuchołka

DZP and the State Treasury General Solicitor’s Office represented the Republic of Poland in a case brought by the Norwegian investors, Geir Almås and Kristian Almås. The case involved claims brought by the claimants under the Polish-Norwegian BIT and which they valued at PLN 100 million. Geir and Kristian Almås ran business in Poland in the agriculture sector.

The proceedings were based on the Treaty between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway on the support and mutual protection of investments of 5 June 1990 and ran from November 2013. On 27 June of this year, the Court of Arbitration comprising Prof. James Crawford (chairman), Prof. Ola Mestad (appointed by claimants) and Prof. August Reinisch (appointed by respondents) issued an award dismissing all claims and awarded part of the court costs to the Republic of Poland.

The attorneys-in-fact representing Poland were Julita Zimoch-Tuchołka and Marek Świątkowski, Partners in DZP, and lawyers from the State Treasury Solicitor’s Office.

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