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FBSerwis is acquiring Trans-Formers group companies


We advised FBSerwis on the purchase of 100% of shares in Przedsiębiorstwo Higieny Komunalnej Trans-Formers Wrocław, a leading player on the waste management market in Dolny Śląsk, and 100% of shares in Trans-Formers Karpatia. The total transaction value was PLN 155 million.

This is FBSerwis's third acquisition of municipal waste management sector companies in the last three years. In 2015, FBSerwis purchased 100% of shares in Pro Eko Natura in Dolny Śląsk (now FBSerwis Dolny Śląsk) and in 2016, 80% of shares in Amest Kamieńsk in the Łódź area (now FBSerwis Kamieńsk) on which our experts also advised.

PHK Trans-Formers Wrocław and Trans-Formers Karpatia operate in the municipal waste management and collection and sanitation area.

FBSerwis uses its international experience to provide services involving, e.g. full-range real estate management, infrastructure and industry maintenance and environmental services, including – on an growing scale – waste management and transport services.

The case was conducted by specialists in our Infrastructure & Energy PracticeMarcin Krakowiak, Partner and Head of Practice, and Michał Przychoda, Associate.

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