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Dolnośląskie Oncology Centre obtains ISO 37001:2016


We advised the Dolnośląskie Oncology Centre in Wrocław, one of the largest oncology hospitals in Poland, on implementing the new ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery standard. The Centre is the first hospital and one of the first entities in Poland to decide to implement the new standard.

Introducing a system to combat bribery in accordance with ISO 37001:2016 demonstrates that the Centre has a high standard in combating bribery and is an example for other units in the healthcare system. It is also proof for employees, patients and business partners that the Centre is consciously and diligently taking all available measures to counteract this risk.

It has been possible to implement and certify the new ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery standard since January this year. On the international stage this demonstrates implementation of good anti-bribery control practices. The standard is generic and can be implemented in any organisation, regardless of size and current risk management systems.

The project was handled by Anna Partyka-Opiela, Senior Associate and leader of the compliance team, Krzysztof Krak, and Sabina Kornacka-Wieteska, Associate.

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