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DZP success – settlement in dispute between SPAR Polska and SPAR International/SPAR Group


Paweł Lewandowski
Dr Marek Świątkowski
Maciej Orkusz
Dr Radosław Poprawski
Joanna Sobolewska
Damian Cieśla

DZP has advised SPAR Polska from the Bać-Pol Group, the current operator of the chain in Poland, in a high-profile dispute with SPAR International and SPAR Group over the right to the SPAR brand in Poland.

SPAR Polska concluded a trilateral agreement with SPAR Group from South Africa (Wasz Sklep Spar) and SPAR International on the future of the SPAR brand and retail chain in Poland. The settlement was reached after long and complicated negotiations, in the face of a dozen or so proceedings pending in Poland and abroad.

One of the major axes of the dispute was whether the licence agreement had been terminated correctly. This issue was settled by a court in the Netherlands. Moreover, there were several other proceedings pending in domestic courts. The settlement negotiated allowed the conflict to be amicably concluded.

The DZP lawyers, headed by Marek Świątkowski, who advised SPAR Polska were Paweł Lewandowski, Maciej Orkusz and Joanna Sobolewska from the Dispute Resolution Practice, and Damian Cieśla and Radosław Poprawski from the Corporate and M&A Practice.

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