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DZP supports PZU clients in comprehensive cyber incident handling


We are pleased to inform you that, within the long-term cooperation established between PZU S.A. and DZP, our law firm is providing legal support to the insurer's clients during the handling of computer security incidents. As part of the incident handling, PZU also provides its clients with support from cyber security and public relations experts. As Paweł Gruszecki, Counsel in the IP&TMT Practice and project coordinator, notes:

"Importantly, all three areas of activity mentioned above (i.e. legal, IT security and media) need to be coordinated because they are complementary, i.e. closely correlated, as legal services will not make a proper legal assessment of the facts without first obtaining information from dedicated cybersecurity personnel. Media support (image protection) should in turn take into account in its work the results of both legal and cybersecurity teams.

According to Aleksandra Auleytner, Partner and Head of the IP&TMT Practice: "Legal support for incident handling is to enable incidents to be properly classified and recommendations to be made for potential follow-up measures, such as notification of suspicion of an offence having been committed, termination of unreliable contracts with subcontractors and defence of the interests of the undertaking affected by the incident in the event of a risk of claims being brought against it by business partners or consumers".

"It will also be important to make a legal and technical assessment of whether the affected undertaking has to some extent breached applicable law, e.g. by failing to implement remedies that are adequate and provide a degree of security appropriate to the risk identified. In this case, legal support may also include representing the insured person in proceedings before the competent supervisory authorities.” adds Karolina Kulikowska, Associate in the IP&TMT Practice.

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