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Thermal municipal waste treatment installation - advisory for MRD


DZP is providing legal advisory for Ministry of Regional Development (MRD) on a project involving the construction and exploitation of a thermal municipal waste treatment installation through a public-private partnership using EU funds.

This is the first project of its type in Poland and is being carried out in Poznan. DZP is responsible for providing legal advisory for the entire project: developing the legal structure for the venture, participating in market sounding, and also drawing up documentation for a tender to select a private partner.

From among the firms that submitted bids in the tender, in September 2011 the City of Poznan chose five that passed to the negotiating stage. In November 2011 the first talks were held in the form of a competitive dialogue. DZP will also take part in competitive dialogue negotiations with private partners and is to negotiate the PPP agreement. The estimated value of the investment is PLN 800 million.

The project is being carried out by Infrastructure and Energy Practice experts led by Marcin Krakowiak.

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