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DZP advises on division of the company and sale of Dogmat Systemy’s shares


DZP has advised the shareholders in Dogmat Systemy S.A. on division of the company and the sale of 100% of the Company’s shares.

Our legal support for Dogmat Systemy S.A., one of market leaders in the claims management sector,  and its shareholders included comprehensive advice at every stage of the transaction, from conducting the partial division process, through preparing and negotiating transaction documentation, to signing and closing the transaction.

The project required an unconventional approach as a company division is usually carried out in order to separate the part of the enterprise that becomes the subject of the sale transaction. In the case of the advice to Dogmat Systemy S.A., a reverse mechanism was used: the separated part of the assets remained in the hands of the current owners and the shares in the company to which the remaining part of the enterprise belonged were sold.

A multidisciplinary team was set up at DZP to advise on the transaction, comprising: Przemysław Furmaga, Partner, Andrzej Dunikowski, Associate, and Ariel Sławiński, Associate, from the Corporate and M&A Practice; Joanna Wierzejska, Partner, and Tomasz Leszczewski, Senior Tax Manager, from the Tax Practice, and Piotr Jackowski, Senior Associate, from the Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Practice.

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