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Current projects.

DZP advised the Enterprise Investors fund on the purchase of a wind farm in Poland. This was one of the first investment of this size carried out by an investment fund in the wind energy sector in Poland. The project was highly complex – one transaction de facto covered two separate investments.

The project was run by experts in our Corporate and M&A Practice (Bartosz MarcinkowskiDaniel Chojnacki and Przemysław Furmaga), Infrastructure and Energy Practice (Agata Bator and Mieczysław Binkiewicz), Tax Practice (Joanna Wierzejska) and Real Estate Practice (Konrad Bisiorek).

Over the next few years the fund wants to build a wind power plant with output of several hundred megawatts. To this end, it created the company Wento to carry out these plans. Similar projects may also be carried out in other Central European states.

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