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Transformation of Polityka publishers into a partnership


The law firm Domański Zakrzewski Palinka provided tax and legal advisory to Spółdzielnia Pracy Polityka, which publishes, among other things, the Polityka and Forum weekly magazines and co-owns the TOK FM radio station, during a process to transform the workers' co-operative into a limited joint-stock partnership. The transformation was officially registered on 31 December.

The partnership is to be managed by the specially formed Polityka spółka z o.o., whose shares are held by some of the publisher's employees, including members of the management board, editorial management, supervisory board and also a group of journalists.

The workers' co-operative was transformed into a commercial partnership after the Sejm passed amendments to the Law on Co-operatives last year, restoring to co-operative members the right to chose the enterprise's organisational form. The transformation of Polityka was the first transformation of a workers' co-operative in Poland.

The project was handled by experts in our Tax Practice – Joanna Wierzejska and Anna Turska, Litigation Practice – Dr Hanna Gajewska-Kraczkowska, and Corporate and M&A Practice – Robert Niczyporuk and Błażej Podstawski.

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