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Dietary supplements according to EU regulations


Prof. dr hab. Marcin Matczak
Dr Tomasz Zalasiński

DZP advised dietary supplement producer and distributor ASA Sp. z o.o. on a process to adapt its operations to EU provisions on nutrition and health claims. EU Regulation 1924/2006, which came into force on 14 December 2012, introduced significant restrictions on the use of nutrition and health claims. This led to the company having to adapt its portfolio to the new legislation.

Our services included an analysis of the effects of the new regulations on the company's operations, an assessment of product labelling, and recommendations for adapting products to EU requirements. We also corresponded on a daily basis with the sanitary supervision authorities in order to clarify doubts about the new provisions, which enabled potential disputes to be avoided.

The project was carried out by the Life Sciences Practice headed by Dr hab. Marcin Matczak. The work was co-ordinated by Tomasz Kaczyński.

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