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RE-Source Poland


Rafał Hajduk

On 4-5 February 2020, the RE-Source Poland conference will be held, organised by the Polish Wind Energy Association together with RE-Source Poland and the Polish Photovoltaics Association.

During the second day of the conference, Rafał Hajduk, Partner and head of the energy law team will give a lecture entitled "EFET CPPA – a tool facilitating the purchase of energy by enterprises from renewable sources" together with Dr Jan Haizmann, Chairman of the EFET Legal Committee. During the lecture, the Polish language version of the EFET CPPA will be presented and guidelines for applying the standard in the Polish legal system will be discussed.

About the conference:

The RE-Source Poland Conference starts a new chapter in the calendar of events devoted to important issues for the industry in Poland. The conference agenda is focused on the educational aspect. It is primarily an opportunity for offtakers to get a better understanding of cPPAs and their specific characteristics, to learn about their types, and to adopt the model most suitable for their company’s profile. This year it is expected to host about 200 guests from Poland and abroad.

Energy offtakers, who can participate in the Conference free of charge, will receive a dose of knowledge to help them optimize energy costs in their companies.

During the conference, offtakers will have an opportunity to:

  • find out how they can secure energy supply by purchasing it directly from RES generators;
  • learn about the offer of their potential suppliers at B2B session;
  • familiarize themselves with the standard cPPA model developed by EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders), allowing for reduction of transaction costs and facilitating negotiations between the parties. The EFET standard will be presented in its Polish language version.

For more information please visit: http://resourcepoland.pl/event/en/

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