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PPCC Renewable Energy webinar 2021


Rafał Hajduk

On 20 April 2021, the “PPCC Renewable Energy webinar 2021” will be held, organised by the Polish Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. During the webinar, Rafał Hajduk, Partner in DZP’s Infrastructure and Energy Practice will discuss the legal framework for the Renewable Energy market in Poland.

The webinar aims to discuss the energy market situation and it is dedicated to PPCC members as well as other external entities interested in the topic. During the event, representatives of companies that are Members of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) will share their thoughts on this subject and show whether they see any possibility of cooperation between them and other entities for which energy is an important element of the operational costs.


1. Welcome Speech – Joaquim Barbosa, PPCC Vice-President, EDP Renewables in Poland.

2. Review of the renewable energy market in Poland in 2021 - Christian Schnell, Solivan Pontes – The CEE Lawyers.

3. Overview of the electricity generation market in offshore wind farms in Poland – Piotr Czopek, PSEW.

4. Legal framework for the Renewable Energy market in Poland – Mateusz Przygodzki, Garrigues, and Rafał Hajduk, DZP:

  • Recent legal changes,
  • Expected legal changes,
  • Auctions.

5. Q&A.


  • Joaquim Barbosa – PPCC / EDP Renewables Polska
  • Christian Schnell – Solivan Pontes the CEE lawyers
  • Piotr Czopek – PSEW
  • Mateusz Przygoński – Garrigues Polska
  • Rafał HajdukDZP

Date and time: 20 April 2021, 10.00 – 11.30 CET

The webinar will be held in English.

To register, please visit: http://ppcc.pl/events/ppcc-res-webinar-energy-market-and-power-prices-in-poland-2021/

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