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Financial Futures Trading in CEE: Polish Legal & Tax Background



Rafał Hajduk


Infrastructure and Energy


Contract law

On 8 June, Power Exchange Central Europe is to host a webinar entitled "Financial Futures Trading in CEE: Polish Legal & Tax Background". For companies considering joining the Polish EEX and EPEX SPOT trading community, the event will be an opportunity to learn how it operates. The DZP speaker will be Rafał Hajduk, Partner in the Infrastructure & Energy Practice, who will present useful Polish legal and tax bases for trading in financial contracts on the EEX market and share information on the principles of trading on EPEX SPOT.

The following topics will also be discussed during the meeting:

  • legal obligations for financial futures contracts – EEX/PXE Polish Financial Power Futures,
  • Trade Registration for PPAs,
  • Transparency Platform EEX as an Inside Information Platform,
  • MIFID/EMIR/REMIT reporting services,
  • EPEX SPOT: NEMO passport, market coupling, OBLIGO,
  • tax obligations related to trading of Polish futures on EEX (EEX/PXE Polish Financial Power Futures).

The event will be conducted in English. The webinar programme and registration link are available at the organiser's LinkedIn profile.

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