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DZP Future: ITEO Knowledge Session



Dr Bartosz Marcinkowski
Jan Czerwiński
Jakub Kubalski
Tomasz Leszczewski




Research and development
Intellectual property law

On 29 June we’d like to invite you to DZP ITEO Knowledge Session organized within DZP Future project, platform that integrates innovative projects of Polish entrepreneurs and private investors with entities interested in engaging technologically and financially in new undertakings.

During the meeting Bartosz MarcinkowskiMałgorzata WilińskaJan Czerwiński, Tomasz Leszsczewski and Jakub Kubalski will talk about key legal aspects of business development. Specifically, they will focus on:

  • Investment Agreement
  • Financing Research and Development activities
  • Taxes
  • Intellectual Property and Privacy 101

DZP ITEO Knowledge Session

After the meeting, there will be networking over pizza and beer.

The meeting is open to all entrepreneurs and start-ups that want to find out more!

More details about workshops are provided in the attached invitation.

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