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Winning public tenders in Poland. It can be done!


Dr Wojciech Hartung

On behalf of DZP, the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Trade and Investment Promotion Department of the Polish Embassy in London, Profitia and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply we invite you to a seminar about public procurement in Poland "Winning public tenders in Poland. It can be done!". During the seminar Wojciech Hartung will highlight the topic "Polish public procurement – how to prepare your company for tender". The seminar will take place on 17 November, at 5:30 pm at Polish Embassy in London.

UK businesses, with their wide experience around the world can successfully take part in carrying out infrastructure and R&D projects in Poland. This will continue to the be case after Brexit. Despite this, British firms are not making the most of the potential that the Polish market offers, especially given the billions of euro of EU funds available in the current financial perspective. Why is UK business not winning tenders on anything like the scale of their competitors from Germany, France, Scandinavia or Spain? Is it mainly down to the bureaucratic nature of Polish public procurement procedures?

During the meeting, we will be explaining how Polish public procurement works (it is based on EU law), the main differences between Polish and UK public procurement law and practice, and an overview of the documents required from British businesses bidding for Polish public-sector tenders.

This event will also be an excellent occasion for discussions with experts dealing with public procurement in Poland on a day-to-day basis.

For more information please click here: http://bpcc.org.pl/en/events/winning-public-tenders-in-poland-it-can-be-done!.html

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