How Can the Law Support the Process of Commercialising Innovations?

Poland 2.0 Summit, 23-24 November 208, Imperial College London.

Poland 2.0. Summit 2018



Michał Czarnuch


Life Sciences



Poland 2.0 is an annual conference for professionals and students that aims to present how innovation and technological progress are transforming the future of life, business, and public policy; placing a special emphasis on the role of Poland as a promising player in this field. This year it will be held on 23-24 November at Imperial College London.

Poland 2.0 conference is a platform for students, researchers and professionals to engage in an inspiring discussion about the future direction of research, business and public policy. It shall prove that some seemingly distinct fields like finance, healthcare, environment, or entertainment are in fact connected by one factor: spectacular breakthroughs. The organizers also want to highlight that Poland, with its fast-paced market and brilliant minds, has potential to set the scene for such unique marriages.

At the conference, Michał Czarnuch, partner and co-head of Life Sciences Practice, will deliver a key note speech "How Can the Law Support the Process of Commercialising Innovations?".

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