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3. edition of English translation of the Civil Code available in bookshops


We are pleased to announce that an English version of the Civil Code is now available in bookshops. This publication was translated by our Law Firm's experts in co-operation with C.H. Beck Publishers.

the-civil-code-2015This English translation of the Civil Code is published as part of a new translation series of Polish laws into European languages and incorporates the recent amendments to the Code that came into effect on 21 June 2015.

The texts were translated by Ewa Kucharska and Michele Le Mauviel, who have also translated, e.g. the Code of Commercial Companies, the Public Procurement Law, the Pharmaceutical Law and the Law on Copyright. They have many years' experience in working with legal translations at DZP and an excellent understanding of the specific nature of the Polish legal system.

Legal consultation was provided by Prof. Grzegorz Domański, Dr Lechosław Stępniak, Katarzyna Dobkowska and Dr Anna Zbiegień-Turzańska.

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