DZP during the coronavirus pandemic

The situation does not affect our availability and our commitment to our work for you

DZP during the coronavirus pandemic


In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, having regard to the health of our employees and clients and guided by the principles of corporate social responsibility, we have made changes to the functioning of our firm in order to mitigate the risk of infection as far as possible.

From today, Monday 16 March 2020, our daily work and contacts with clients are carried out remotely; we are working from home using our electronic communication platforms, video conferences, webinars, etc.

Thanks to the high degree of service digitalisation and the use of state-of-the-art IT and telecommunications solutions, the situation does not affect our availability and our commitment to our work for you.

In connection with the pandemic, dozens of questions and doubts have arisen about business operations. We are aware of your problems and are ready to answer important questions. To this end, we have set up a multidisciplinary business support team at DZP Coronavirus Alert. We have opened dedicated telephone lines and an e-mail address for you to use. Please contact us with any questions and legal or business concerns about the situation.

We would also like to inform you that on our website we are regularly updating key information and advice on the impact of coronavirus on various business areas.

All the information mentioned above (phone numbers, dedicated e-mail address, advice) is available on our website:

We will also shortly provide a manual of key information for businesses:"Guidance for businesses during the pandemic – map of legal and business areas".

We are also in constant contact with experts from global legal organisations, thanks to which we can refer to the activities and practices of authorities and companies in other countries.

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